Piano Playtime: Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten


Research in neuroscience has concluded that learning to play the piano during the preschool years is the most beneficial of ANY single activity for building a large brain size, increased intelligence, concentration, coordination, confidence and brain integration. Because many skill levels are addressed at each class, former students are welcome and can keep growing as young musicians. Piano Playtime is super FUN! Based on decades of research and design, our curriculum integrates conceptual learning, behavioral, tactile, visual, auditory, language and social skills with maximum brain inputs for each activity/concept. It’s truly amazing that these targeted skills actually transfer to many other activities outside of piano. Each child with their own mini-keyboard, weekly notes (pictures) in their “piano book”, video clips of individual students sent to parents and an inspiring Piano Party with parents at the end of the Session makes Piano Playtime truly an amazing shared experience, building a great foundation for lifetimes of music! Neither having a piano at home, nor home practice is necessary.

Sponsor: Davinci Center for Music and Arts, Ms. Maria Hart

Dates & Times:
January 16, 2024-May 14, 2024
January 18, 2024-May 16, 2024
Tuesdays or Thursdays (This is two separate classes) No classes on March 12, 14, 26, 28 when Aspen Academy is not in session. (makeup lessons on May 21+23)

Location: Lower School STEM Lab

Cost: $440

Eligible Grades: Pre-K and Kindergarten

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